Beat the fear of "cleaning the house" with a cheap handheld vacuum cleaner

The last days of the year are busy with work and don't have time to clean the house, but there is not enough money to buy a robot vacuum cleaner. Have you ever thought of a cheap handheld vacuum cleaner ?
Beat the fear of "cleaning the house" with a cheap handheld vacuum cleaner

The last days of the year are busy with work and don't have time to clean the house, but there is not enough money to buy a robot vacuum cleaner. Have you ever thought of a cheap handheld vacuum cleaner ?

Today, Ecom will join you to refer to the handheld vacuum cleaner models and experience to choose a satisfactory product!

Choosing a cheap but good quality handheld vacuum cleaner is not an easy thing. Please refer to the information below.

Note when buying a handheld vacuum cleaner.

Identify the types of handheld vacuum cleaners.

Clearly identifying the types of handheld vacuum cleaners helps you understand this product. Usually, this baby has 3 types as follows:

  • The device uses a rechargeable battery: This device uses a convenient rechargeable battery with a use time of about 15 minutes / 1 charge.
  • Grid-powered vacuum cleaner: This product runs on electricity with high power, so it cleans well. However, the versatility of this product is not appreciated.
  • Vacuum cleaner used in cars: This child is small in size but has good cleaning ability and is used in cars.

Compact design and weight.

Choosing products with a comfortable, easy-to-hold design makes it easy to manipulate when moving around the house.
Compact weight for easy portability


Price is also one of the factors that many people consider. This product is divided into many different segments from cheap handheld vacuum cleaners to more high-end ones.

  • Low-cost segment: Products like these are priced at about 500,000 VND. With the advantage of price, these children often make noise and the vacuuming efficiency is not high.
  • Medium segment: This segment is trusted by many people because of its reasonable price and efficiency. The price is usually about 500,000 ~ 1,500,000 VND.
  • High-end segment: These designs are often appreciated for their quality and design. The price of the product is about 1,500,000 VND or more.

Blowing and vacuuming feature.

Choosing products that combine both blowing and suction functions will give you more uses. 
You can use the blow function for large objects and the suction function for small dirt.

Modern and advanced dust filter.

Currently, mini vacuum cleaners have very modern and advanced HEPA filters, capable of cleaning up to 99% of bacteria. Therefore, you should look to buy products that use this filter.

Select the appropriate capacity.

Choosing the right capacity helps your product work more efficiently. The dust removal rate is also proportional to the capacity.

For indoor vacuuming, you can refer to products with large capacity to increase cleaning efficiency. Vacuum cleaners on cars you can buy those with a smaller capacity.
The rate of dust removal is also proportional to the capacity of the handheld vacuum cleaner

Origin, origin, warranty.

A product with a good origin will increase its reputation and ensure more quality. You can refer to today's advanced vacuum cleaners such as: Philips, Xiaomi, Electrolux...

The good warranty also helps you feel more secure and confident. Usually handheld vacuum cleaners are warranted for about 6~12 months.

Top 3 cheap handheld vacuum cleaners worth buying.

1. Philips FC6168 . cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

Reference price: 3,800,000
VND The first place is Philips FC6168, which is sold a lot on the market. The product is delicate and compact, combining 2 in 1 to both clean the house and vacuum to bring convenience to the user.

The advantage of this child is the modern Power Cyclone technology for optimal dirt removal.

This baby can "treat" cat hair, pollen or dirt, ... thanks to the motorized brush and the powerful TriActive Turbo suction head. Besides, you can use up to 40 minutes with the capacity of 18V Lithium ion battery.
 Philips FC6168 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

 2.  Vacuum Cleaner J-K8 2-Way Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Reference price: 315,000
VND This baby belongs to the low-cost segment, the advantage is compact with only 2.5 kg. However, the product does not disappoint with a powerful cleaning capacity of 1000W.

Large dust capacity of about 2 liters. J-K8 helps you comfortably vacuum up dirt such as fur, wood slits, dust, etc. Especially, the suction and blowing mode helps to clean the smallest slots.
Vacuum Cleaner J-K8 2-way handheld vacuum cleaner


3. Cordless Electrolux ZB3314AK handheld vacuum cleaner

Reference price: 3,849,000 VND
A follow-up product worth considering belongs to the Electrolux line.
Exquisite convenient design with a long handle, a large 0.5 liter dust compartment that can hold a large amount of dust once used. 

Besides, thanks to the use of Lithium Turbopower battery, the machine can operate continuously for 48 minutes. The product is also designed with a suction head with 2 removable functions. Flexibility to move thanks to 360-degree rotation.

HEPA dust filter mode helps to clean 99% of bacteria and makes no noise for the family.
Electrolux ZB3314AK cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

Through the above sharing, we hope you can choose for yourself a cheap handheld vacuum cleaner suitable for your home. Be a smart consumer and don't let housework become an obsession!

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