Experience choosing to buy the best handheld massager today

This is a device that helps massage and effectively relieve pain after effective working days. Using a hand held massage machine at home helps you both save time and save a significant amount of money.
Experience choosing to buy the best handheld massager today

Do you know how to choose the best portable massager for your family?
Today, let's explore the criteria to choose a good quality handheld massager with Ecom !

First, let's go over the concept of this type of product

What is a handheld massager?

This is a device that helps massage and effectively relieve pain after effective working days. Using a hand held massage machine at home helps you both save time and save a significant amount of money.

Handheld massage machine to help effectively relieve pain

Structure and working principle.

Hand held massage machine is composed of many heads. Each head will have many different uses.

  • Round head: Helps to massage and massage the muscles of the body, limiting pain caused by exercise a lot.


  • Pointed tip: Stimulates acupuncture points on the back and soles of the feet. Thereby helping to speed up the metabolism in the body as well as improve your health.


  • Flat massage head: Has the effect of massaging, massaging muscle areas such as thighs or abdomen.


  • Soft spines: Helps promote blood circulation in the body, increase oxygen in the blood, and limit diseases of high blood pressure. 
Various massage heads

Effect of hand held massager.

With just 15 short minutes a day, your health will be significantly improved. Great benefits include:

  • Reduce stress and fatigue: This baby has an effective muscle massaging effect. Therefore, avoid fatigue after every working hour.
  • Improve sleep: The current massage machines are equipped with infrared lights. Therefore, it is possible to generate infrared heat rays to warm the massaged areas. From there, the capillaries are dilated, helping blood circulate better and help sleep better.
  • Minimizing spinal diseases: These products have a massage effect on the back and spine. Helps your body to be more flexible and avoid bone and joint diseases.
  • Provide oxygen for blood circulation: Massage helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, making blood circulation more convenient.
  • Improves skin health: The continuous beating and vibration mechanism helps to restore skin cells. Helps skin look healthier and brighter.

Criteria to choose to buy a "genuine" handheld massager

Style, design.

A handheld massager is appreciated when it can be used well anywhere on the body. Even dead positions such as the back or the back of the neck.

In particular, the body length is considered the most important factor you need to consider in the process of choosing to buy a product.


A good handheld massager when it can be used anywhere on the body

Moderate weight.

The weight of the machine will create pressure and friction on the points to be massaged, thereby easily resolving aches and pains in the body faster.

However, the machine should not be too heavy because you need a device that is easy to hold during the massage. Therefore, a weight of 1.5 ~ 2 kg is suitable.


The power is proportional to the quality of massage on the body. However, the higher the capacity, the higher the cost and the cost of electricity.
A machine with a capacity of 20W can meet most massage uses.

Infrared lights and massage modes.

Infrared light helps the product emit infrared rays to massage the body gently and smoothly. Therefore, this is a must-have feature of portable massage machines.

Infrared light massage gently and smoothly


Product price is also a factor that many people care about. In general, equipment is divided into different segments such as:

  • Low-priced segment under 1 million VND: With this segment, there are 2 popular and popular models, Beurer MG40 and King Massage with 7 Korean massage heads.  


Beurer MG40 hand held massage machine 
  • Mid-range segment from 1-2 million: Firms like Beurer or Buheung often produce products in this segment. The equipment is equipped with many advanced technologies, so it will completely meet and meet all user needs.
  • High-end segment over 3 million VND: Products in this segment are also highly appreciated for both quality and design.

Above are the criteria to find the best portable massager today that you can consider. Owning a massage machine will help you both take care of your health and enjoy new experiences.

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