When buying a smart door lock, what should I pay attention to to choose the right product?

When buying a smart door lock, what should I pay attention to to choose the right product?
When buying a smart door lock, what should I pay attention to to choose the right product?

A modern house will be adorned with more elegance and convenience if a smart door lock is used.  But do you know how to choose the best set of keys?

A set of "genuine" smart locks must ensure quality, code, price as well as the brand for sale. Today we will go through some tips to be able to choose for yourself a satisfactory product.

Features and technology.

A good set of locks must of course have features that satisfy customers. With the advanced technology of Industry 4.0, the features of smart locks are also increasingly improved.

In addition to unlocking features with fingerprints, mechanical keys or magnetic cards, some high-end locks are also equipped with face recognition and unlocking via remote control wifi app.

AI technologies are also integrated in the premium smart lock. Equipped with 360 fingerprint technology or Swedish FPC fingerprint technology, face recognition technology helps the lock set or virtual code technology become many times more classy.

Modern Swedish FPC fingerprint technology

Design and materials.

Not only stopping at modern features, materials and design are also one of the factors that determine the quality of smart door locks .

Smart lock makes the house more modern

According to reviews from manufacturers and users, materials such as monolithic cast alloy bring rigidity and certainty to the product. Meanwhile, specialized locks that are installed outdoors are installed with 304 stainless steel to be able to withstand the harsh weather.

Quality locks made from ABS plastic will have a lower strength and lower resistance than other types of materials.

A highlight that helps "get points" in today's high-end smart locks is the installation of CCTV cameras and doorbells that can be easily managed via smart devices.

High-end locks are equipped with surveillance cameras

Key body and key core.

The key body and the key core are the key to determining the safety of the product. The quality material that is highly appreciated on the market today is stainless steel 304. Besides, you should also choose locks with many latches, from 3 to 5 latches to ensure the certainty of your family.

The current locking system is divided into two main types: semi-automatic lock generation and automatic lock type.
Semi-automatic locking means that the lock will have a latch but will not operate fully automatically and will require the help of a small movement.

The automatic lock generation will help the lock to automatically close the door without the user touching anything. This feature is applied on most high-end key lines.

304 stainless steel lock core is highly appreciated


Currently on the market there are different types of high-end brands such as: Samsung, Kitos, Xiaomi... Choosing a good brand will increase the prestige of the product as well as give you great experiences. than.

Demax is also a lock brand that receives positive feedback from users. Modern, good quality locks imported from Germany promise to please any fastidious guests.

The warranty of up to 3 years and the enthusiastic advice of Demax staff is also something worth considering.
You can connect with Demax here:

Demax House Modern Courses

Thus, we have provided you with the criteria to choose the most standard smart door lock . Hope you can find for yourself the best products to make your home safe and modern!

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